Monday, October 3, 2011

Real Steel Los Angeles Premiere

Yesterday, (Oct. 2nd, 2011) my husband and I went to the Real Steel Los Angeles premiere at the Gibson Amphitheater. We got to walk down the red carpet and it was intense.  We actually walked through it twice because we wanted to get a glimpse of Hugh Jackman.  It was to insane!  Haha amongst all the Real Steel stars there, I didn't know there were going to be other famous people. I just thought it would be the people in the movie.  So, I'll put a list of everyone we saw down below and you'll just have to Bing them or IMDB them to see who they are, lol.  Oh yeah, and I totally forgot my camera at home. I couldn't believe it because I always have my camera with me. It's just that I had put the battery to charge and I totally forgot about it, until halfway to the event. =/

Okay, so we start getting our movie tickets and our credentials, then down the red carpet. Once we got to the doors of the theater, they check your bags then go through security. After you're inside already, you go to the concession stand to grab your complimentary popcorn and drink (Coke, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper). Then you get to your seat and watch the movie. After the movie, you are invited to the reception outside the theater and get to mingle with the stars.

The movie was pretty good. It is a family movie where you know your heart will melt in between and at the end. haha.  I mean, I do like movies like this but my husband wasn't really a big fan.  I'm not a big movie reviewer, so all I can say is go watch it with your family.  Oh the robots fighting parts were good and intense. 

The reception was so beautiful and warm. The only problem I had was my shoes! They gave me blisters, ugh.  I knew I should've just worn my flats, haha. I'm not a big heel person. Any who, the food they had was awesome! Even though my husband and I haven't eaten all day. They had hamburger sliders and chicken sandwiches too. Mac and cheese, backed potatoes, salad, carrots with ranch, bread with tomato sauce shots, and hot dogs. Dessert was delicious too. Although, everyone kept cutting in line trying to get to the cake pops, haha.  Finally got one and ended up throwing it away. I had to much on my plate that I started getting impatient cause it was to crowded, so there were people pushing up on you and I had the plate in my hand, so you can imagine. Plus, my feet were hurting. 

All in all, it was a good evening!

Oh yeah, and my husband loved the free beer, haha.

Hugh Jackman and the whole crew of Real Steel, 50 cent, Sugar Ray Leonard, Garcelle Beauvais, Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez and his sister who comes out in Mall Cop, Sophie Monk, Tommy Davidson, Tom Morello, Carson Kressley, Jason Behr, Jennifer Grey,  Hank Azaria, Madeline Carroll, China Anne Mcclain, Adam Irigoyen, Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman,  Omar Benson Miller, Jonathan Togo.  This is just to name a few and who I can remember. =)

Most of the stars there were Disney Channel stars. I noticed and I know this because I have nieces and a nephew who love the Disney Channel.

Disney's Shake It Up Zendaya Coleman, Bella Thorne.  Took this pic for my nieces who love this show. I want them to think that they Auntie is cool. haha

Ex Strikeforce fighter and now UFC fighter Mayhem Miller. You may have know him best for hosting the MTV show Bully Beatdown.
haha the red carpet

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