Monday, December 16, 2013

Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum

It's been a long while since I last posted something on here. A lot of things have changed in the past year or so, but for this post I will be talking about Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum. Evey time I would channel surf I would come across her infomercials and always wondered if the products actually works. Well, fortunately the wondering was over since sent me the Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum to try out.

Please excuse my yellow nails. lol

 I wish I could've taken a before and after pick but I didn't.  I was just so much in a rush to try out this product and see a transformation really quick.  I have brown spots on both of my cheeks close to my eye. I first tried this Crème de Serum at night and then again in the morning, and I kid you not I was already looking at some results.  My skin tone looked a little even and I even saw some of the spots disappear. My skin felt smooth and fresh after applying the product.  I don't know how much more to describe this product to you but say that it is amazing.

I'm considering in buying the full line later in the future, but for now since I am low on cash, I'll continue using my sample size Meaning Beauty Crème de Serum.

To learn more about the Crème de Serum: Crème de Serum
 For Meaningful Beauty purchasing information: Meaningful Beauty

I received Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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