About Me

I am a laid back 31 year old woman. I am happily married to a wonderful and amazing man, who I have been with for the past 13 yrs and married to for the past 3 years. Blogging was something I never thought about doing because I felt I had nothing to say or write about until I started baking cakes. I figured I can show case the cakes and goodies I have made and post them on here to share with the world. I also thought about just blogging about certain things that are going on with my life at this moment and just about anything else. Hope you enjoy my blog!  Here are a few personal pictures you may enjoy.

Halloween High School Dance in 2000

Senior Prom 2001

June, 2010
My niece Jazmyn
My niece Gemma.  Here she was like 2, she is 6 now.
My goddaughter Daniella
My niece Jenelle
My nephew Manny

Ring leader costume 2010