Friday, September 16, 2011

Good News!

I passed the first step to the Sheriff 911 Communications Officer!  I'm super excited.  The next step is the CritiCall exam and I have that schedule for the 20th of October.  Eeek, nervous on that one.  I 'm hoping and praying that I do good.

On another good note, I also got into one of the classes that I was on the waiting list for.  After e-mailing all the professors in all the classes I was in the wait list for, two weeks later  and a couple days before registration dates were over
, I got an e-mail from my Physical Anthropology teacher saying that I was in.  Super excited on that one.  I at least wanted to take one course.
My class meets on Tuesdays nights and this past Tuesday, when I went to class, there were like 15 students that were going to get dropped because they didn't show up.  I was like wow!  At first they register knowing that there are a lot of people on the wait list wanting to actually take the class then they fail to show up and drop.  This makes me sad.  Any who, I'm excited for all these good things.  All I need at the moment is a job, because being how we are right now is not fun at all.

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