Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor day weekend was full of family get together's and a street fair.  I had a really good time.  On Saturday, was my grandmas 82nd birthday party.  All of her sons, daughters, grandchildren, grand grand children and even grand grand grand children lol, where there.  Yeah, it was a good night because they even got her a Mariachi
which she loves. I really hope that when I get her age that I will have a lot of love around me just like she has.

On Sunday, I went to the Orange Circle Street Fair in Orange, CA.  I went with my sister, her fiancee, and one of my cousins with her husband and their son.  I was a good night just a little too crowded.  They had different kinds of food from different places around the world.  Of course, I'm scared to try something new so I just went with a Polish dog, which I love!  My sister and her fiancee had Bratwursts.  My husband and my cousins husband had some California rolls, which they loved and wanted more of.  I don't remember if my cousin had anything. Hmm lol.  I took some pictures but for some reason my camera, or my hand, were being really shaky.  So, some of the pictures came out blurry.

On Monday, Labor Day, I was awoken by family members that came over to visit and make a bar-b-q. We had carne asada, beans, rice, salsa, and salad.  Typical Mexican bar-b-q. =).  This day was also my older sisters Birthday, so I baked her some cupcakes.  There was a problem though, she didn't show up =(.  I gave out a few of the cupcakes to the kids that were here and saved her like 4 for her and her little family. 

All and all it was a pretty good Labor Day weekend.  How was your 3 day weekend?

The Mariachi


Teriyaki anyone?

Chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese icing.  I believe this was the best tasting cream cheese icing I have ever made!

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