Friday, September 16, 2011

What's in a blog?

That question I ask myself everyday.  I don't beat myself with it but it is something I do think about when I sit here staring at a blank page.  So once again I have nothing on my mind as to what to blog about.  I had so many ideas, but as I sit here and look at my screen I draw a blank image in my head.  Nothing comes to mind.  I couldn't even think of a post title.  I had to go back to re-write the first two sentence once I did come up with a title.  I know before you start blogging you need something already in mind but for me there's nothing.  Hopefully as I type away something will come up or else
I'd probably waste about 5 minutes of your life.  I honestly don't want that to be the case. I do want to give my readers something to read that they'd want to come back and read my next post.  Should this really be a concern? No.  It is a positive way though for me to let somethings out and go public.  Sure, I don't mind sharing my life with strangers, but to be honest I can't say much because I do have family members reading this and there are some things that I wouldn't want them to know.  So as far as getting to personal, the relationship between my husband and I will be kept private.  I will although, share things about myself like I have been.

Woah! Look at that.  I actually did have something to blog about.  Maybe it was interesting or not but it sure did relieve some tension for me.  I went a little of the subject there for a little bit. 

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