Monday, August 8, 2011

3 Bdays In One Day

This past weekend was two of my older sisters kids and her sister in laws birthday party.  My sister had requested I do three separate cakes, but I decided to put the three cakes together making it a three tier cake. She had first told me to make a Wonder Woman cake for her daughter, a construction cake for her son and a guitar cake for her sister in-law.  When she told me this I was like, "Oh my!".  I would've done it, and I don't want to sound needy and stuff but I didn't have the money to pay for it all and she wasn't going to pay me cause it was a gift from me to them.  After a while, she then told me to put her son and daughters cake together into a full sheet cake but still make a guitar cake.  So that was a bit better.  Then I couldn't find any
Wonder Woman that looked age appropriate for a 5 year old. When I went to Six Flags, I did buy her this cute baby looking wonder woman and I wanted to use that to draw on the cake but it was going to be a little hard for me.  She likes anything princess and I went with that.
I ended up making three small round cakes, a 10in, 8in and 6 in.  Each one represented one of them and all three of them loved it.  Here is the end result.

Here are the three birthday celebrants.  My niece always moves reason why she came out blurry.

Haha it almost looks like a topsy turvy cake.

I want to learn how to use fondant and gum paste so I don't have to use plastic or anything thats non-edible on the cakes.

It is a little lopsided or maybe a lot. lol
This is the doll I bought for my niece.