Friday, August 26, 2011

Schools Supplies

Went shopping for school supplies today.  I didn't really buy anything other than a 1 1/2 inch binder, 2 college rule paper packets, a pencil pouch, & some highlighters.  Some of the other things like pencils and pens I already have.  It is a bit hard shopping for these things because sometimes you buy some thing that you really don't need, or you just forget what you need.  I'm just going to wait until I get into a class (because I'm on the waiting list for all the classes I planned on registering in)
to see what I really will need. I do know that I want to buy a school bag.  I went to Target and saw these cute Hello Kitty bags and at Wal-mart I saw a cute Barbie bag.  Ahh I'm still a kid at heart and all kids things are so cute, lol.  Well, I'm looking forward to school to start.  It's been way too long.  I do wish though, that I was buying makeup instead.  =)

I almost bought this one at Wal-Mart but my husband said no.. lol

I liked this one cause it's gold!

This one is alright.  I don't like the grey straps so much.

This one is cute.

Barbie! It looks cuter in person. I couldn't find an actual picture.


  1. I went school shopping the other day too. I'm such a nerd.. I always get excited to buy new stuff like folders and notebooks and of course a new bag to put them in. Wishing you a great semester :)

  2. @Kristine Thank you!!! Hey you know what is so odd. That your last name was the same as mine. My maiden name was Ayala. My dad is from Michoacan, raised in a small town called Tejaro. The street he was raised in is called Plan De Ayala.