Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Should've finished school a long time ago

About 4 years ago I stopped going to school.  About that time I had applied for a certificate in Administration of Justice, but my application was sent back to me because I forgot to fill something out.  I never sent it back because I was in the process of moving out to my husbands (then boyfriend) house, so I totally forgot about it.  Well, this year I applied for it again and I'm finally getting it. I will receive my State Certificate in Administration of Justice in October.  I'm super excited!

Oh yeah, and I just found out that I only need 2.5 semester units to complete my A.A., A.S. in Administration of Justice. I'm excited for that too.  So I'll be attending school this Fall.  School starts on the 29th and as of right now I'm on the waiting list for all the classes I have chosen.  I hope I get into at least one. 

Where will I go from there??  I have no idea!  I was thinking of joining the Academy to become a correctional officer or something but I don't think I'll make it through the academy.  My problem with that is the running.  I get these lumps on the bottom of legs (one on each) when I run.  They hurt so bad that it just makes it impossible to keep going.  They also appear when walking at a fast pace.  Ugh it bugs.  I have gone to check it out when I was in high school, but when I did go they weren't there because they only appear when I run or walk fast.  The doctor didn't help at all. Maybe I can do some internship at the police & sheriff departments or at the coroners.  Anyway, we shall see what happens.

haha I thought this was funny lol

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